b'SIU EVENTSPreliminary Educational ObjectivesThe overarching goal of the programme is to understand and increase participants abilities to review and evaluate recent research findings in the field of GU oncology and apply these to clinical care, with the goal of improving clinical outcomes and patient quality of life.THE B2B PROGRAMME WILL ADDRESSAT THE END OF THIS PROGRAMME, THREE KEY COMPONENTS: PARTICIPANTS WILL BE ABLE TO:Competence: ability to apply knowledge Evaluate the benefits and risks of various treatmentplus strategy in practice when necessary. options across the treatment continuum in UC, RCC,and PCa.Practice performance: the application of new Analyze novel agents and treatment approaches forthe evolving management of GU cancers based onstrategies or skills in the practice setting. emerging clinical data. Discuss strategies to identify and manage adverseGap: the difference between what physiciansevents related to systemic treatment, includingare currently doing in practice and what isimmunotherapy.considered best or ideal practice.Evaluate the role of imaging or genetic markers inguiding treatment decision-making. Discuss the importance of personalized medicine,based on costs and patient preference, whileminimizing toxicity and maximizing efficacy.PRELIMINARY AGENDA November 11, 2022BLADDER CANCERLimits of partial nephrectomy in localized RCC Focus on T1 Bladder CancerDebate: Is there a best regimen for first-line therapy in mRCC? Optimal surgical management of T1 Bladder Cancer Molecular risk stratification and precision therapy for PROSTATE CANCERT1 Bladder CancerGermline testing: who and how? Can ctDNA and utDNA be used to monitor NMIBC? MRI for optimal assessment of T1 Bladder CancerUpdate on AI-derived predictive biomarkers Debate: Adjuvant chemotherapy vs. adjuvant IO afterUltrahypofractionation for treatment of localizedradical cystectomy Prostate Cancer Case-Based Panel Discussion: Anything but radical cystectomy!Management of pN1 diseaseBladder preservation in 2022PSMA theranostics to target Prostate Cancer Advances in intraluminal therapy of upper tract urothelialMetastatic Prostate Cancer: standards of care, challenges,carcinoma progress & personalized therapy General GU Talk: Financial toxicity and treatment accessFIVE PRACTICE-CHANGING ADVANCES KIDNEY CANCER ON THE HORIZON Debate: Adjuvant therapy should be offered to all high-riskBladder Cancerpatients post nephrectomyKidney Cancer Best options for the treatment of metastatic non-clear cell RCCProstate Cancer Pre-operative identification and optimal treatment ofsarcomatoid RCC *At time of print. Subject to change.12 SIUuMAG|JUNE 2022, VOLUME 3, NO. 2'