b'SIU OFFICE OF EDUCATIONSIU 360 WEBINARS ON DEMAND Webinar Webinar Webinar360 Series 360 Series 360 SeriesCiclo Uro-OncologaHacia laCOURSE DIRECTORSexcelencia en oncologa GU: El valor del Comit Multidisciplinario de TumoresThis SIU Academy webinar series, hosted exclusively in Spanish, consists of Juan Pablo Sade Gustavo Villoldolive case-based discussions with a multidisciplinary panel in uro-oncology.Argentina ArgentinaEach panel is composed of specialists in urology, oncology, radiotherapy, pathology, and radiology who will analyze and discuss the different management strategies in GU cancers according to the most recent clinical evidence and practice guidelines. This programme aims to demonstrate the work of an expert multidisciplinary committee in oncology, the tumour board, to optimize treatment decision-making and improve patient outcomes.WATCH FOR FREE, ON-DEMANDON SIU ACADEMYWEBINARS ON-DEMAND: PRESENTED IN SPANISHSESSION 1SESSION 4 SESSION 7Localized Prostate Cancer Non-Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Metastatic Kidney CancerSESSION 2SESSION 5 SESSION 8Hormone-Sensitive Muscle Invasive Bladder Cancer Penile CancerMetastatic Prostate CancerSESSION 6 SESSION 9 SESSION 3High-Risk Localized Kidney CancerTesticular CancerCastration-Resistant ProstateCancer (M0 and M1)These educational programmes are supported by SIU Corporate SponsorChallenges in Urolithiasis: PROGRAMME CHAIRChoosing the Best Interventionfor Urinary StonesLEARNING OBJECTIVESRanan DasguptaRecall current challenges in ureteral stone management MD, FRCS (Urol) WATCH FOR FREE, ON-DEMAND Recognize the advantages and limitations of ESWL vs URS to United Kingdom ON SIU ACADEMYtreat ureteral stones, with regards to stone-free rates, need for subsequent interventions, complications, and patient quality of life Understand which factors may guide the choice of activeThis educational programme is treatment for ureteral stones supported by SIU Society Contributor 14 SIUuMAG|JUNE 2022, VOLUME 3, NO. 2'