b'uCAREuCARE GOVERNANCELaurence Klotz,Mihir Desai,Ranan Dasgupta, Canada United States United KingdomChair, Office of Research Office of Research-Elect Research Committee ChairuCARE, SIUs Office of Research, is a platform for global clinicalresearch in urology. Through uCARE, urologists can access and be involved in SIU clinical studies and registries conducted worldwide. Through SIUs diverse membership and global partnerships, uCare becomes a global research consortium that enables us to:Connect urologist andShare knowledge and Provide access to a patients from the SIUsbuild our membersglobal network of group member countriesresearch capacity, allowingurological clinical to studies being conductedus to advance urologicaltrials and registriesaround the world research globallyUPCOMING REGISTRY STUDIESGlobal Registry of Treatments and OutcomesGlobal Registry of Perioperative Systemic Therapy Selectionfor Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia and Treatment Outcomes for Bladder CancerBenign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is one of theBladder cancer is a common urological malignancy with over 573,000 newmost commonly performed surgical procedures incases and almost 213,000 deaths estimated worldwide in 2020. Over the pasturology. Over the past few decades, there has been10 years, technological innovations in sequencing have led to rapid genomican increasing development of new surgical treatmentand transcriptomic characterization of bladder cancer, providing a moreoptions. Additionally, the outcome parameters forin-depth understanding of its pathogenesis and leading to the development of BPH treatments have been standardized. While datanew treatment approaches. To provide a better understanding of the utilization are available for the initial pivotal studies, post-marketof these treatment advances in the real-world clinical practice, the SIU is release data are lacking. Under the umbrella oflaunching an international, prospective registry on perioperative treatment uCARE, the SIU is launching a prospective, ongoingof bladder cancer. Under the umbrella of uCARE, this registry conducted in international registry to obtain demographics andmultiple SIU-affiliated centres across the globe will obtain demographics and outcome data from patients undergoing surgicalpatient characteristics guiding the selection of perioperative therapy as well as treatments for BPH. treatment outcomes for bladder cancer treatment worldwide. Objectives ObjectivesTo analyze demographic patterns and baselineTo analyze demographic patterns and baseline characteristics of patients characteristics of patients undergoing surgicalguiding treatment decision-making for perioperative systemic therapytreatments for BPH in bladder cancerTo assess practice patterns (region-specific) forTo assess practice patterns (region-specific) for perioperative systemic various surgical treatments for BPHtreatment of bladder cancer To assess key outcomes (efficacy and safety) forTo evaluate key outcomes (efficacy and safety) for perioperative systemic surgical treatments of BPH treatment of bladder cancerLaunch Date: May 2022 Tentative Launch Date: Fall 2022www.siu-urology.org 19'