b'SOCIETY AFFAIRSSIU BringsUrologists TogetherJoin us Today!DIVERSITY AND INCLUSIONSIU Members come from a diversity of backgrounds, sociopolitical and practice settings and represent the spectrum of subspecialties, from research to oncologyto stone disease.WHY JOIN?SIU CONGRESS Providing complimentary registration Receive a significant discount off registrationand housing at SIU congresses for up to fees at SIU congresses. 10 young urologists from B and C World Bankclassified countries/regions.PHILANTHROPYYour dues contribute toward various NETWORKING DID YOU KNOW?SIU philanthropic activities, such as: Receive online access to the SIU members- Urology trainees (Residents/Sponsoring professional membership only section to view the SIU membershipFellows) are entitled to and journal subscriptions for urologistsdirectory, network with internationalcomplimentary membership from developing nations; members and training centres, and paydues online. until the date of programme Funding up to 20 six-month trainingcompletion (to a maximum scholarships for young urologists SIU JOURNAL of 5 years). The membership each year; Submit your research for free and enjoyfee will be automatically Supporting SIU symposia andopen-access content for each issue andadjusted during the online lectureships at annual national andsupplement. application process.international meetings;22 SIUuMAG|JUNE 2022, VOLUME 3, NO. 2'