SIU 2020 Virtual Congress Scientific Programme

Behind the scenes, much work has been done to modify the existing SIU 2020 programme that had been designed for an in-person meeting to adapt to the new reality of virtual presentation. The SIU and Scientific Programme Co-Chairs, Drs Christopher Evans and Rajeev Kumar, thank all programme Chairs and Faculty who have contributed much of their time and expertise over the past 2 years. The programme for SIU 2020 Virtual will cover a wide range of topics and continue to offer the high-quality educational content that SIU attendees have come to expect.

The 2020 Congress Learning Objectives are as follows:

After this educational event, attendees should be able to:

  • Determine diagnosis and management of basic and complicated urological infections
  • Describe the role of eHealth, new diagnostic methods and delivery of urological education and care in the developing world
  • Summarize recent advances in molecular markers for urological diseases
  • Report the application of therapeutic modalities and management of complex stone disease
  • Discuss approaches to treatment of urological cancers
  • List recent advances in minimally invasive surgery
  • Describe the current management of lower urinary tract symptoms
  • Identify methods of dissemination of knowledge and care to underserved areas.


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SIU 2020 Scientific Programme
Last updated: Oct 9, 2020

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Please Note: All session times are listed in Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

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Saturday, October 10

Please click on the session titles to view the session details when available.


PL-00: Welcome Message  

Honorary Chairs: Christopher Evans, United States / Sanjay Kulkarni, India / Rajeev Kumar, India


PL-00: Award Ceremony  

Honorary Chair: Reynaldo Gómez, Chile


PL-01: Plenary-Asia/Oceania  


SYMP-01: Urological Association of Asia (UAA) Symposium  

Co-Chairs: Allen W. Chiu, Taiwan / Chun-Te Wu, Taiwan


CO-01: Controversies in Urology 01 - New Challenges in Imaging and Management of Oligometastatic Prostate Cancer  

Co-Chairs: Prasanna Sooriakumaran, United Kingdom / Derya Tilki, Germany


JS-01: Joint SIU-International Society of Reconstructive Urology (ISORU)/Society of Genitourinary Reconstructive Surgeons (GURS) Session - Anterior Urethroplasty  

Co-Chairs: Sanjay Kulkarni, India / Jeremy Myers, United States
Moderators: Jill Buckley, United States / Andre Cavalcanti, Brazil / Justin Chee, Australia / Francisco E. Martins, Portugal


SYMP-03: Joint SIU-Korean Urological Association (KUA) Symposium  

Chair: Kyu-Sung Lee, South Korea


PL-02: Plenary-Europe/Africa  


IC-01: Instructional Course 01 - Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms and Urinary Tract Infections in Children  

Chair: M. Ihsan Karaman, Turkey


IC-02: Instructional Course 02 - Gender Affirmation Surgery: Role of the Urologist  

Chair: Miroslav Djordjevic, Serbia


MC-01: Master Class 01 - Hypospadias Surgery for the General Urologist  

Co-Chairs: Rados Djinovic, Serbia / Joao Luiz Pippi Salle, Qatar
Moderator: Aseem Shukla, United States


SYMP-04: Symposium: Multidisciplinary Management of Early Stage Bladder Cancer  

Chair: Peter Black, Canada


PL-03: Plenary-Americas  


MC-03: Master Class 03 - New Technologies in Stone Removal  

Co-Chairs: Petrisor Aurelian Geavlete, Romania / Amy Krambeck, United States


IC-03: Instructional Course 03 - Lymphadenectomy in Urologic Cancer  

Co-Chairs: Sia Daneshmand, United States / George Thalmann, Switzerland


SYMP-05: Symposium: Up Close and Personal: Talking to your Patients about Overactive Bladder  

Chair: Lysanne Campeau, Canada


SYMP-06: World Urologic Oncology Federation (WUOF) Symposium  

Co-Chairs: Peter Hammerer, Germany / Laurence Klotz, Canada


KN-01: Keynote Speaker  


MC-02: Master Class 02 - Genomic Testing and Recurrence in Prostate Cancer  

Co-Chairs: Shusuke Akamatsu, Japan / Marc Dall'Era, United States

Sunday, October 11

Please click on the session titles to view the session details when available.


JS-02: Joint SIU-International Continence Society (ICS) Session  

Co-Chairs: David Manuel Castro Díaz, Spain / Stavros Charalampous, Cyprus


SYMP-07: Indian Urology Symposium  

Chair: Rajeev T P, India
Moderators: Madhu Sudan Agrawal, India / Kim Mammen, India


MC-04: Master Class 04 - Establishing Standardized Outcome Reporting in Your Urology Practice  

Co-Chairs: Matthew Cooperberg, United States / Ghulam Nabi, United Kingdom


JS-03: SIU-Society of Urologic Oncology (SUO)/EAU Section of Oncological Urology (ESOU) Session  

Co-Chairs: Christopher Evans, United States / Morgan Roupret, France


CO-02: Controversies in Urology 02 - Controversies in the Management of Kidney Cancer  

Co-Chairs: Surena Matin, United States / Amlesh Seth, India


IS-02: Interactive Session 02 - Management of Penile Cancer including Organ-Sparing Approaches  

Co-Chairs: Nicola Nicolai, Italy / Curtis Pettaway, United States


IC-04: Instructional Course 04 - The Current Situation of Antimicrobial-Resistant Pathogens In Urological Fields  

Co-Chairs: Satoshi Takahashi, Japan / Koichiro Wada, Japan


IC-05: Instructional Course 05 - Metabolic Work Up and Medical Treatment of Stones  

Chair: Mohamed El-Shazly, Egypt


IC-06: Instructional Course 06 - Urethral Stricture Surgery  

Chair: Sanjay Kulkarni, India


JS-04: Joint SIU-Endourology Session  

Co-Chairs: Mahesh R. Desai, India / Jorge Gutierrez, United States


IC-07: Instructional Course 07 - The Many Phenotypes of Neurogenic Bladder  

Co-Chairs: John Stoffel, United States / Blayne Welk, Canada


SYMP-08: The Future of IPP: The Art and Science of Meeting and Exceeding Patient Expectations  

Chair: David Ralph, United Kingdom


IC-08: Instructional Course 08 - Urologic Endoscopy in Resource Restricted Environments  

Chair: Kymora Scotland, United States


IC-09: Instructional Course 09 - E-Health, Digital Health, Telemedicine: Teleurology 101 — Getting Connected  

Co-Chairs: Emmanuel Abara, Canada / Michael Borofsky, United States


KN-02: Keynote Speaker  


INN: SIU Innovators Symposium - Prostate Cancer Debate  

Chair: Ashish M. Kamat, United States
Co-Chairs: Dean Elterman, Canada / Imogen Patterson, Australia


JS-05: Joint SIU-Society of Urologic Robotic Surgeons (SURS) Session  

Chair: Jihad Kaouk, United States


MC-05: Master Class 05 - Managing Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction in Renal Transplantation  

Co-Chairs: William Nahas, Brazil / Puneet Sindhwani, United States


IC-17: Instructional Course 17 - A Multidisciplinary Team Approach to the Treatment of Urothelial Carcinoma in the Age of Anti-PD1 Agents  

Chair: Shaheen Alanee, United States


PL-00: Closing Message  

Honorary Chair: Jean de la Rosette, Türkiye
Madhu Sudan Agrawal
Sun Tae Ahn
Shaheen Alanee
Daniela Andrich
Darius Bagli
Guido Barbagli
Sebastien Beley
Axel Bex
Chandra Shekhar Biyani
Marta Bizic
Peter Black
Michael Borofsky
Alberto Briganti
Noor Buchholz
Jill Buckley
Lysanne Campeau
Sigrid V. Carlsson
David Manuel Castro Díaz
Andre Cavalcanti
Srinath Chandrasekera
Brian F Chapin
Stavros Charalampous
Arun Chawla
Justin Chee
Patrick Cheung
Sung Yong Cho
Matthew Cooperberg
Jean de la Rosette
Mahesh R. Desai
Rados Djinovic
Miroslav Djordjevic
Daniel Dugi
Renu Eapen
Ahmed El-Nahas
Mohamed El-Shazly
Ahmed El-Zawahry
Dean Elterman
Christopher Evans
Wouter Everaerts
Reynaldo Gómez
Stavros Gravas
Jürgen Gschwend
Shilpa Gupta
Jorge Gutierrez
Peter Hammerer
Ashok Hemal
Andrés Hernández-Porras
Sender Herschorn
Pankaj Joshi
Cyril Kamadjou
Ashish M. Kamat
Jihad Kaouk
Jose Karam
M. Ihsan Karaman
Hiroshi Kiyota
Laurence Klotz
Bodo E. Knudsen
Tobias Kohler
Amy Krambeck
Sanjay Kulkarni
Rajeev Kumar
Kyu-Sung Lee
Sara Lenherr
Seth Lerner
Mohammed Lezrek
Kim Mammen
Francisco E. Martins
Surena Matin
Faiz Mumtaz
Jeremy Myers
Ghulam Nabi
William Nahas
Anthony Chi-Fai Ng
Dmitriy Nikolavsky
Helen O'Connell
Imogen Patterson
Rajveer Purohit
David Ralph
Javier Romero-Otero
Monique J. Roobol
Morgan Roupret
Joao Luiz Pippi Salle
Kymora Scotland
Amlesh Seth
Aseem Shukla
Nasser Simforoosh
Puneet Sindhwani
Prasanna Sooriakumaran
Tarkan Soygur
Srikala Sridhar
Satoshi Takahashi
Ehab Tawfiek
Ashutosh Tewari
George Thalmann
Derya Tilki
Tilman Todenhöfer
Karim Touijer
Koenraad van Renterghem
Koichiro Wada
Adrian Wagg
Blayne Welk

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