Collaborative Applied Research

About uCARE

uCARE is the Société Internationale d’Urologie’s official Office of Research, created in the fall of 2017.

uCARE uses an intuitive, web-based platform, for global clinical research in urology. The first of its kind in the field of urological clinical research, uCARE connects urologists and patients to clinical studies and registries being conducted around the world.


What makes uCARE unique?

Uniting Global Urological Research through Technology and Collaboration

Our research is powered by a global council made up of one representative from each of the SIU’s group members and/or global urological partners. This sets the stage for urological societies to connect and collaborate with each other on research activities, through established research centers in each participating member country/region, with the aim to unite, strengthen and advance urological care for patients.


  • To unite global urological clinical research through technology and collaboration.

  • To empower urologists to create insights in the outcomes of their treatment strategies and adjust their treatments based on data analysis.

  • To explore new avenues in clinical research including e-health.


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