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Central Office
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Susie Petrusa, Executive Director

Isabel Kolodny, Senior Director, Finance and Administration

Miranda Connon, Director, Meetings and Events

Gerri-Lynn Sendyk, Acting Congress Director

Lillian Petrusa, Director, Corporate Development

Merveille de Souza, Senior Manager, Office of Education

Karen Bernique, Manager, Scientific Programme

Eduardo Gutierrez, Manager, Medical Education 

Anna Johansen, Manager, Communications

Johanne Albert, Manager, Marketing and Communications

Marjeta Markovic, Manager, Office of Research

Mariajose Garza de Vega, Liaison, Registration and Membership

Anna AntonovaCoordinator, Marketing and Communications

Elena Lukic, Project Coordinator, eLearning

Ana Acosta, Membership and Administrative Services

SIU Journal - SIUJ

Jane Fairbanks, Managing Editor


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