"The award of the 2022 SIU training scholarship to me was a rare opportunity having applied thrice and I kept looking forward to having a training experience outside my country of residence. My experience at Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital-Nadiad, India was a great experience for me. It was a mind blowing one as I had the rare privilege of meeting some of the most highly accomplished urologists in India. It gave me the rare opportunity of travelling to Pune to learn under the tutelage of Prof Sanjay B Kulkarni and Dr Pankaj Joshi. 

Most interesting of my SIU training scholarship was the warm reception, accommodation and kind acceptance of Prof Mahesh Desai, Drs Arvinda Ganpule, and Dr Abhishek Singh to recommend me for the Endourological Society International Travelling Scholarship at the Cleveland Clinic, Ohio-USA and the AUA/GURS fellowship at Kulkarni Endo-surgery institute (UROKUL)-Pune, India in 2024. All these were opportunities only the SIU scholarship could have afforded me. SIU training scholarship opens opportunities beyond your imagination and your urological career can never remain desame. 

My career as a urologist has been immensely transformed and through my experience many other doctors who are interested in urological training have reached out to me across the World and I have immensely been of help to them in that regard. 

It’s an experience I will recommend to all young urologists across the World. 

Thank you, SIU Scholarship committee, and the international office in Montreal for all you do."

 Emmanuel Oyibo, Nigeria
2022 SIU Scholarship Recipient


“Receiving this scholarship has had a huge impact on me, both personally and academically. It has been a transformative experience, opening my eyes to new perspectives and possibilities. This scholarship has provided me with significant financial relief, alleviating the burden of tuition fees and living costs, allowing me to fully focus on my studies. Moreover, it has served as a validation of my hard work and academic achievements, boosting my confidence and reaffirming my commitment to the field. The opportunity to work at a larger hospital with experienced consultants and trainees has expanded my knowledge and skill set, while also establishing valuable connections in the field. This scholarship has not only advanced my career prospects but also equipped me with the necessary tools to improve training and patient care in my home country of Malawi.”

Linda Kayange, Malawi
2022 SIU Scholarship Recipient


“I had a spinal cord injury during my early months of urology residency. My Urology training after the accident was very challenging and difficult as I needed to relearn everything suited for my new body. Though I imported a standing wheelchair and modified it to perform urological procedures, there were some lacune in my training as the situation was new and unfamiliar to my teachers and supporting staffs. It was during that time I came to know about Prof. Juan Carlos Castano. I was inspired by his successful story of becoming an established urologist and a pioneer in the field of Functional Urology overcoming all the challenges put forward by the spinal cord injury and its sequel. To get a proper training from him in performing urological surgeries with mobility aids became my priority.

I consider, applying for this training was one of the best decisions I have taken in my life. I am very much thankful and indebted to Prof. Castano for accepting me as his student and Société International Urology and CES University for facilitating this training. I am confident that I go back to my country with more skill, knowledge and experience.”

Sujith M Jose, India
2022 SIU Scholarship Recipient


“I would consider my greatest achievement that I improved my surgical skills despite all the problems I faced. I learned some important surgeries which I was not able to even observe in my own country. I observed and assisted in some major cases like Radical cystectomy, Urinary diversions, Radical Nephrectomy, Partial Nephrectomy and observed Laparoscopic cases as well. Also, I worked in some of the research work. I got the chance to meet and work with some experienced people which was possible only through the SIU.”

Junaid Jamil Khattak, Pakistan
2021 SIU Scholarship Recipient


"The greatest lesson I had learnt is. Never give up and always have a hope. Dr Mahesh Desai always said never give up learning any new procedure or new techniques. He said that first time he started laparoscopy training was at age of 57 years. He started Laparoscopic nephrectomy in very long time that might reach 7 hours. With patience, insistence and rate of cases he improved his skills. Right now I observed him in many Laparoscopic nephrectomies not exceeds 35 minutes!!! Which is amazing Not only Dr Desai Sir had this spirit, absolutely his team had inspired also this motivation? Dr Arvind Ganpule also told me the same when 8 asked him how much it is feasible to learn new techniques and procedures, he replied once you want to do it just do it , there is no restrictions except inside you. You have to do your best to learn well because it is human being life. I also learnt team work, all people works hard independently, but at the same time synchronously without conflicts. All are supportive to juniors to have excellence in practice."

Mohammed Raafat Abdelalim Hasan AbdallahEgypt 
 SIU Scholarship Recipient


"I learned how to make good clinical impressions and decisions on the appropriate choice of management of patients based on available guidelines and literature. The scholarship has also widened my ability to create new ideas within frontiers in urology, required for the conceptualization of research and formation of a good theoretical framework based on my clinical and academic experience during the training."

Nasir Oyelowo, Nigeria  
 SIU Scholarship Recipient


"The management of urological pathologies has undergone a revolution with the advent of endo-urology. It goes without saying that this opportunity granted by the SIU to young urologists from developing countries is an effective tool in training and retraining of urologists. For us particularly, this is an avenue of learning and interaction with imminent personalities in urology and it will help us to acquire various urological techniques and skills to train our colleagues, students and above all to offer good care to our patients. This is the only way that will help in curbing medical tourism abroad. Thank you to the SIU for its technical and financial support which enabled me to take part in this training, also to Urology and Nephrology Mansoura Center for the warm welcome and hospitality."

Mahamat Ali Mahamat Amine, Chad   
 SIU Scholarship Recipient


"I am very thankful to society of international urology (SIU) that they supported me to get exposure in field of pediatric urology which is less privileged in my country. Urology and nephrology center Mansoura is a well-equipped center with high volumes. Overall, I am satisfied, last day had sitting with pediatric urology chief, discussed with him about program and given him feedback regarding pitfalls ." 

Rajib Ali, Pakistan  
 SIU Scholarship Recipient


"I learned a lot of urological procedures, not only endoscopic but also open surgeries. I can also not forget the research experience I gained. I am finalizing data analysis on late-presenting PUV and early surgical outcome at KCMC. There is a tremendous opportunity in the center despite not having minimally invasive facilities. I recommend the center to the doctors in Africa who are interested in urology. My special thanks to Dr. Frank Bright for accepting me and guiding me in the training. I also thank Dr. JS Mbwambo, and the fellow trainees for all the assistance I received from them."

Frank Kora Chacha, Tanzania
 SIU Scholarship Recipient


" This SIU fellowship exposed me to various standard procedures—complementing the limited experience I had before this training—including laparoscopic donor nephrectomy during transplantation, robotic surgery via da Vinci robotic system, and of course, various miniaturized PCNL. 

My training has been very productive and will upgrade my knowledge base in urology. The surgical exposure I received will make me a better urologist and the MPUH experience will mark a new milestone in my life. "

Kiran J. Kunwar, Nepal
 SIU Scholarship Recipient



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