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SIU Innovators

Mission Statement

The SIU Innovators' mission is to engage early career urologists from around the globe in the workings of the Society in order to harness their energy and innovation to promote the growth and development of the Society. At the same time, the SIU Innovators offers members opportunities for career advancement within the Society.

The main goals of the SIU Innovators are:

  1. to encourage early career urologists to bring novel ideas to the Society that will help shape the Society in the future;
  2. to provide an avenue for early career urologists to become involved in the Society's activities;
  3. to provide a forum for networking and establishing professional collaborations with international colleagues;
  4. to create opportunities for career growth for early career urologists that will make them the international leaders of the future.

Who is an SIU Innovator?

The idea behind the Innovators is to engage and promote early career members of the SIU community. Engaging means drawing young members into the organization in order to take an active role in SIU Congresses, committees, and SIU Academy. Promoting means providing young members with opportunities for academic growth, including the opportunity to present original work or deliver state-of-the-art presentations. At the same time, the Innovators are invited to help shape the SIU of the future, to ensure it remains a dynamic organization that is attractive to young urologists

Committee members

Ashish Kamat, United States, Chair
Sanjay Kulkarni, India, Executive Board Representative
Dean Elterman, Canada, Vice-Chair

Ahmad Adam, South Africa
Christian A. Agbo, Nigeria
Melanie Aube-Peterkin, Canada
Riccardo Autorino, United States
Akshey Batta, India
Kelly Bree, United States
Ken Chen, Singapore
Amanda Chung, Australia
Paul Chung, United States
Konstantinos Dimitropoulos, United Kingdom
Renu Eapen, Australia
Alireza Ghoreifi, United States
Shilpa Gupta, United States
Agus Rizal Hamid, Indonesia
Patrick Hensley, United States
Andrés Hernández Porras, Mexico
Deep Kumar Jain, India
Janet Kukreja, United States
Nathan Lawrentschuk, Australia
Roger Li, United States
Niyati Lobo, United Kingdom
Todd Manning, Australia
Gautier Marcq, France

Shannon McGrath, Australia
Carmen Mir, Spain
Chinedu Mmeje, United States
Reza Sari Motlagh, Austria
Vikram Narayan, United States
Kay-Seong Ngoo, Malaysia
Jose Ignacio Nolazco, United States
Tatenda Nzenza, Australia
Cameron Parkin, Australia
Imogen Patterson, Australia
Marlon Perera, Australia
Hadi Radfar, Iran
PP Rao, India
Ashish Rawandale-Patil, India
Sophie Rintoul-Hoad, United Kingdom
Fernando Secin, Argentina
Pratikkumar Shah, India
Narin M Suleyman, United Kingdom
Debasish Sundi, United States
Wei Shen Tan, United Kingdom
Mohammed Taofiq Olayinka, Nigeria
Jeremy Teoh, Hong Kong
Thomas Van den Broeck, Belgium

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Dr. Ashish Kamat, United States
Chair, SIU Innovators 


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