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Training Scholarships

The Société Internationale d’Urologie provides two types of Scholarships to young urologists (less than 10 years since obtaining M.D.).

- The first Scholarship allows the scholar to train in an SIU-accredited Training Centre in the candidate’s geographical area.

- The second Scholarship grants the visiting scholar an observational role in an SIU-accredited Training Center.

Both Scholarships offer US$ 5,000 for a six-month period. All applicants must be SIU members, or be in the process of applying for membership at the time of this application.

To apply for an SIU Scholarship, please submit the documents listed below to the SIU Central office, at the address indicated below.

2020 SIU Training Scholarship Deadline: April 30 2020

SIU Central Office

c/o SIU Central Office
1155 Robert-Bourassa Blvd., Suite 1012
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
H3B 3A7
Fax: +1 514 875 0205

CUASF-SIU International Scholarship Programme

The objective of the CUASF-SIU International Scholarship Programme is to foster the improvement of urological care in developing countries, through the financial support of the international urological fellow trainees planning to return to their home country.

CUASF-SIU International Scholarship Programme Deadline: April 01 2020

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