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The Society known as the "Société Internationale d'Urologie" was founded in 1919, this name taking the place of "Association Internationale d'Urologie" founded in 1907. The mission of the Society, as defined by its first President, Félix Guyon, is to study all questions relating to Urology, to stimulate international co-operation in the field of Urology and to further urological science and practice. The present mission, as redefined by the Board of Chairmen in 1999, is to enable, through international co-operation in education and research, all nations to achieve the highest quality of urological patient care.

The registered address of the Society is at the Head Office in Montreal, Canada.

Bylaw modifications were approved at the General Assembly of the Society on November 12, 2022 during the 42nd Congress of the SIU in Montreal. 

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