Contribute to the cutting-edge scientific programme, led by Co-Chairs, Drs Rajeev T P (India) and Seth Lerner (United States) and submit your abstract today!

All accepted abstracts will be presented in ePoster/video format. To see what ePosters are all about, please watch this short video.

All accepted abstracts will be published on SIU Academy, in digital ePoster format and in the November 2023 issue of the Société Internationale d’Urologie Journal, as a digital supplement. To ensure your abstract is eligible for submission, please carefully review the abstract guidelines.

All submissions for moderated sessions will be selected based on SIU Needs Assessment analysis and preference will be given to the following topics which will best serve the educational needs of attendees. 

The abstract submission portal is now open for Late-Breaking Abstracts. Deadline - August 30, 2023.
The Late-Breaking Abstract submission is solely for abstracts with late-breaking data and not for abstracts submitted “late.” Any “late” abstracts will be rejected outright. In order to fulfil the criteria for a late-breaking abstract you must enter the reasons why your abstract is a late-breaking abstract. Failure to do so, will mean that the abstract will not be reviewed. 

2023 Congress Learning Objectives 

After this educational event, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the latest advances in the diagnosis, staging and management of urologic cancers.
  • Incorporate new techniques in robotic and minimally invasive surgery.
  • Detail the medical and surgical management of lower urinary tract dysfunction.
  • Describe the imaging evaluation and medical and surgical therapy of urinary stone disease.
  • Define the assessment and management of male infertility.
  • Characterize the surgical and medical treatment options for erectile dysfunction.
  • Examine the latest advances in reconstructive surgery including transgender surgery, urinary diversion and urethroplasty.
  • Learn how to serve the diverse healthcare needs of our international population in a patient-centered manner.
  • Learn the latest urologic sub-specialty advances occurring in the past year to augment one’s practice.
  • Provide mentoring sessions to facilitate knowledge about career opportunities and advancement for urology trainees.
  • Enumerate common urological problems of the elderly and specific precautions in their care.
  • Understand the challenges and facilitate inclusion and opportunities for underrepresented groups in urology.
  • Characterize the indications and data for new prostate cancer and bladder cancer imaging modalities.
  • Provide mentoring opportunities and guidance for urologic trainees.
  • Understand the concept of transitional urologic care for teens and young adults.
  • Enumerate the common pediatric urologic problems and understand the assessment and management of pediatric population.
Submissions may be made to one of the following categories:
  • SIU 2023 Regular Abstract Submission
  • SIU 2023 Nursing Abstract Submission
  • SIU 2023 Resident's Forum Submission*
* Residents Forum submissions are limited to consideration for Moderated Oral eposters. Any accepted submissions not selected for the moderated session, will be available as an unmoderated standard eposter. If the submitter wishes for their abstract to be considered for any of the other presentation types, please select ‘regular abstract submission’ from the submission category.
SIU 2023 Presentation Types
Moderated Oral ePoster
  • Live oral presentation on-site at congress during the moderated topic session in front of moderators and includes a live Q&A with the presenting author.

Unmoderated Standard ePoster

  • Standard ePoster presented on an interactive screen on-site and online on the SIU Academy.  A voice over of maximum 3-minutes may be added after acceptance.

Moderated Video ePoster

  • Video presented on-site at congress during the moderated video session in front of moderators and includes a live Q&A with the presenting author. MP4 format required.

Unmoderated Video ePoster

  • Video ePoster of maximum 7-minutes, presented on an interactive screen on-site and online on the SIU Academy.  MP4 format required.

Notification to Authors

The Presenting Author is the main contact for any questions or information we have regarding an abstract.

All correspondence relating to the submission will be directed to the Presenting Author, and they should distribute to all co-authors if needed.

Abstract status notifications will be sent to authors in late April/early May 2023.

Publication and Copyright

All accepted abstracts will be published on SIU Academy as an ePoster with voice-over as well as a supplement of SIUJ. Publications of abstracts on SIU Academy and SIUJ implies transfer of copyright of the article to the Publisher. This will ensure the widest possible protection and dissemination of information under copyright laws.

Should the author wish to reuse the submission at later events/publications, permission should be requested for publication with the following statement: "This abstract was presented at the 43rd Congress of the Société Internationale d’Urologie (Türkiye, 2023). All rights reserved. Reused with permission.”

By submitting an abstract, the submitter (and its co-authors) agree to the conditions specified in the guidelines.

Registration and Expenses

Abstract status notifications will be sent to all submitters in late April / early May. Abstract presenters will be required register before the early-bird registration deadline, May 30, 2023. After this date presenting authors who have not paid their registration fees will be excluded from the programme as well as from the SIU Abstract Book and publication on SIU Academy. No exceptions will be granted.

  • Presenting Authors with moderated presentations (including Residents’ Forum) must register for the in-person meeting.
  • Should a moderated poster presenting author register for the virtual-only meeting, their abstract status will be modified to an unmoderated presentation.
  • We encourage all Presenting Authors, regardless of presentation type to register for the in-person congress. However, for unmoderated presentations, if travel restrictions will not allow in person attendance, registration for virtual attendance is required. Please note that virtual registration will give you access to the platform, but there will be no live interaction with the audience.

Abstract presenters who are not SIU members are encouraged to join, as this means a possible savings of at least €200 on registration fees.

All expenses such as registration, visa, airfare, lodging, etc. associated with the submission and presentation of an abstract are the responsibility of the presenter.

For visa requirements, visit the Türkiye Ministry of Foreign Affairs webpage. SIU encourages all participants to start the visa application process early to avoid disappointment.

Late-Breaking Abstracts

Late-Breaking Abstracts Deadline: August 30, 2023 @ 11:59 PM Eastern. 

The Late-Breaking Abstract submission is solely for abstracts with late-breaking data and not for abstracts submitted “late.” Any “late” abstracts will be rejected outright. In order to fulfil the criteria for a late-breaking abstract you must enter the reasons why your abstract is a late-breaking abstract. Failure to do so, will mean that the abstract will not be reviewed. Submissions will be received through the same submission portal as regular submissions. The portal will re-open for late-breaking submissions in July 2023.


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