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June 22nd 2020

Collaboration in International Urology

Monday, June 22

Report: USI - Youth Conclave

June 14, 2020
The Urology fraternity across the globe has witnessed the world`s first virtual conference on 14th June 2020 conducted by the Urological Society of India (USI) and the Youth Organisation of USI (YOU). YOU was established in 2019 to promote the young talents of USI and to aid them in training as well as career building. The first annual conference of YOU-Youth conclave had to be conducted ‘virtual’ because of COVID pandemic. But this was not a hurdle to the young brigades who were led by the experienced council of the USI. This program was well conceived under the able leadership of Dr. Rajeev TP, Honorary Secretary, USI. Dr. Dilip Kumar Mishra and Dr. BM Zeeshan Hameed were the convenors of the record breaking event who left no stone unturned by their stupendous efforts. USI-YOU Youth Conclave was conducted on Zoom platform with simultaneous live streaming in swarnimtouch, Facebook live on the USI Facebook page and Youtube. More than 1000 people witnessed the mega live virtual conference in various platforms continuously for more than 8 hours. The program started with welcome address by Dr Rajeev T P, Hon. Secretary, USI followed by the address of President USI, Dr Anant Kumar to the large number of Urologists who had joined for the meeting. Dr.C.Mallikarjuna, the President Elect briefed about how Youth USI was formed, its future prospects and its long term missions. There were 30 wonderful lectures covering various topics in Lower urinary tract, Urolithiasis, Uro-oncology and Laparoscopy. The experts in each field summarised each session at the end which along with their valuable inputs made every session a unique blend of youth and experienced. The case based discussions in Uro-oncology moderated by Dr. Bhavan Rai (UK) and Urolithiasis moderated by Prof Bhaskar Somani (UK) simulating the real life scenarios encouraged more participants to interact with the national and international panellists. The participants enjoyed the hot debate on Supine Vs Prone PCNL which was like the Indian curry adding more spice to the program. The beauty of this virtual conference was the discipline towards time, every speaker was sticking on to the time allotted and there was no delay in the program despite being virtual. When the program concluded after a series of lectures, debate and case based discussions it was quite obvious that everyone relished the academic feast. Though the participants missed the personal interaction and the travel, they all enjoyed the program seated at various parts of the world!


Friday, June 19

Exploring the Impact of COVID-19 on Urological Education

In this new era of online urological education, webinars have become a popular modality to bring premium education to urologists around the world. How well does this format serve its users and how does it compare to face-to-face meetings?

We invite you to take this SIU-supported global survey investigating the utility of online webinars, and how they compare with conventional face-to-face conferences. This survey was created by i-TRUE & UroSoMe groups.



Friday, June 5

CAU-SIU Survey: COVID-19: Exposure, Infection and Vaccine

The American Confederation of Urology (CAU) and the Société Internationale d'Urologie (SIU) have created this 5-minute survey with the objective to assess the vaccination history of medical professionals and nursing staff during the pandemic period.

Spanish Survey:
English Survey:

Società Italiana di Urologia LIVE Play

Starting June 20, the Società Italiana di Urologia will launch its live online educational programme. Access is free and sessions will be in English.

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