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SIU 2024 Abstract Submission now open!

December 18th 2023

Contribute to the cutting-edge scientific programme for SIU 2024 New Delhi, led by Co-Chairs, Drs  Rajeev T P (India), and Seth Lerner (United States) and submit your abstract today!

Review the Congress Learning Objectives below and find out more about SIU 2024 by visiting the congress website. Stay connected for important event updates on topics like scientific programme and registration by following our our social media channels and joining the conversation at #SIU2024NewDelhi.

2024 Congress Learning Objectives 

After this educational event, attendees should be able to:

  • Understand the latest advances in the diagnosis, staging and management of urologic cancers.
  • Incorporate new techniques in robotic and minimally invasive surgery.
  • Detail the medical and surgical management of lower urinary tract dysfunction.
  • Describe the imaging evaluation and medical and surgical therapy of urinary stone disease.
  • Define the assessment and management of male infertility.
  • Characterize the surgical and medical treatment options for erectile dysfunction.
  • Examine the latest advances in reconstructive surgery including urethroplasty, fistula repair, and management of other GU injuries/trauma.
  • Learn how to serve the diverse healthcare needs of our international population in a patient-centered manner.
  • Learn the latest urologic sub-specialty advances occurring in the past year to augment one’s practice.
  • Enumerate common urological problems of the elderly and specific considerations for their care.
  • Understand the challenges and facilitate inclusion and opportunities for underrepresented groups in urology.
  • Characterize the indications and data for new prostate cancer and bladder cancer imaging modalities.
  • Provide mentoring opportunities and guidance for urologic trainees.
  • Understand the concept of transitional urologic care for teens and young adults.
  • Enumerate the common pediatric urologic problems and understand the assessment and management of pediatric population.
  • Examine common complications and comorbidities associated with the treatment of urologic conditions and how to best manage them in clinical practice.


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