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uRCADE 2.0 Coming Soon!

October 3rd 2023

SIU is excited to bring back its one-of-a-kind educational gaming platform, uRCADE. Testing knowledge in current and emerging therapies for bladder and kidney cancers, I-O+ Challenger and RCC Quest are back with new questions that will test you on the latest updates and research in these fields.

Our world-renowned faculty have lent their expertise to ensure these games truly test the most relevant and important questions, covering topics on management of adverse events, biomarkers, clinical trials and drug efficacy, treatment selection and more!

I-O+ Challenger Faculty

Peter Black, Canada   Srikala Sridhar, Canada   Tilman Todenhöfer, Germany  

RCC Quest Faculty

Axel Bex, The Netherlands   Christian Kollmansberger, Canada   Tian Zhang, United States  


Starting October 11, players in-person at SIU 2023 in Istanbul, and those following online via the SIU@U platform will have the opportunity to test their knowledge and for a chance to win a complimentary registration to SIU 2024 Congress in India. All in-person players will receive a free pair of SIU socks! So, hit the books and start honing your knowledge to take on the uRCADE.

Be sure to read the rules of competition here prior to October 11.

he uRCADE is made possible by independent educational grants from SIU Corporate Sponsor Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC
The I-O+ Challenger is endorsed by World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

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