Apply the highest standards of urological care

Clinica INDISA
Carlos Peña Otaegui 12501 Apt. 12-D, Las Condes
Santiago, Chile

Phone: +56995096529


Programme Director(s): 

Dr. Octavio Castillo
[email protected]


About the Training Institute

Clinical studies on Laparoscopy and Robotic Surgery, more than 100 publications in peer review journals, and the only one center around the world doing experimental and clinical surgery with a new single site robot (Colubris)


Medico-legal Restrictions for Trainees

No Restrictions


Vaccination Required






Hospital Data

Intensive care unit Paediatric department    
Radiology department CT Robotic Surgery    
Radiology department MRI Anesthesiology department    
Nephrology department Pathology Department    

Department of Urology Data

Number of Urology residents: 0

Specialization (number of doctors):

  • Andrology: 1
  • Endourology: 4
  • Functional Urology: 2
  • General Urology: 20
  • Infertility, Erectile dysfunction: 2
  • Laparoscopic procedures: 6
  • Pediatrics: 2
  • Renal transplantation: 0
  • Robotic-Assisted Procedures: 4
  • Trauma and Reconstructive Surgery: 1
  • TUR-B / TUR-P: 15
  • Urogenital Trauma: 7
  • Urogynecology: 2
  • Uro-oncology: 10
  • URS / PNL: 5


Facilities Available for Teaching

Number of Urological Surgical Theatres: 2 Number of Urological Endoscopy Suites: 1    
Urological Ultrasound Renal transplantation    
Urological Imaging Andrological Laboratory Facilities    
Urological Fluoroscopy Urological Literature / Library    
Video-equipment for Endoscopic Teaching Internet Access    
Lab Simulation ESWL Unit    
Pediatrics: Robotics    


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