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In 1907, in Paris, Professor Jean-Casimir-Félix Guyon—France’s very first professor of urology— and some 20 fellow urologists from Europe, the United States and South America founded the Association Internationale d'Urologie. Its first Congress, held in Paris in September 1908, was followed by two others: London in 1911 and Berlin in 1914.

In 1919, the Association Internationale d'Urologie became the Société Internationale d'Urologie. It included nearly 300 members at the time.

As was the case with most learned societies, membership was restricted to a fortunate few from the medical elite of select countries. This situation was finally reversed in 1997, when the Society abolished country quotas and extended membership to all qualified, praticising urologists.

In 2007, the SIU celebrated its centennial in its birthplace, Paris. The SIU President at the time, Dr. Alain Jardin, penned a history of the Society’s first century. Please click on the links to view the document and slide show.

Since 2003, the SIU Central Office in Montreal, Canada serves members worldwide, matches scholars to its accredited training centres, and organizes its now-annual Congresses.

Currently, the SIU is comprised of over 10,000 members.


SIU Executive, 1907-2013

SIU Presidents

Félix Guyon (France) 1907-1914
H. Fenwick (Great Britain) 1921-1927
E.L. Keyes (USA) 1927-1936
F. Legueu (France) 1936-1940
G.G. Smith (USA) 1947-1955
A. Clifford-Morson (Great Britain) 1955-1961
L. Pisani (Italy) 1961-1967
S. Gil Vernet (Spain) 1967-1973
John K. Lattimer (USA) 1973-1979
René Küss (France) 1979-1985
W. Gregoir (Belgium) 1985-1988
A. Walsh (Ireland) 1988-1991
James Glenn (USA) 1991-1994
Rudi Hohenfellner (Germany) 1994-1997
Yoshio Aso (Japan) 1997-2000
Etienne Mazeman (France) 2000-2002
Michael J. Rochford (Australia) 2002-2004
Jack W. McAninch (United States) 2004-2006
Alain Jardin (France) 2006-2007
Mostafa M. Elhilali (Canada) 2007-2009
Joachim. W. Thüroff (Germany) 2009-2011
Mahesh Desai (India) 2011-2012
Chris Heyns (South Africa) 2012-2013


SIU General Secretaries

E. Desnos (France) 1907-1925
O. Pasteau (France) 1925-1947
B. Fey (France) 1947-1952
René Küss (France) 1952-1979
Alain Jardin (France) 1979-1988
Etienne Mazeman (France) 1988-1997
Mostafa M. Elhilali (Canada) 1997-2006
Luc Valiquette (Canada) 2006 -2011
Simon Tanguay (Canada) 2011-

SIU Treasurers

O. Pasteau (France) 1908-1925
M. Chevassu (France) 1925-1947
P. Bouteau (France) 1947-1979
Etienne Mazeman (France) 1979-1988
François Richard (France) 1988-1994
G. Vallancien (France) 1994-1997
Paul Perrin (France) 1997-2000
Richard Fourcade (France) 2000-2006
Patrick Coloby (France) 2006-2011
Arnauld Villers (France) 2011-


The history of the SIU - PDF

A brief history of the SIU - PowerPoint 

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