I-O+ Challenger Technical Requirements

The I-O+ Challenger works best in full screen on a laptop or a tablet (in landscape mode), inside a window with a maximum width and height of 600px by 580px.


To play the game in your browser, you must enable javascript. Even though it is a default setting in most browsers, please check that it is the case.

For sound effects

Please enable sound/unblock it for this site (it should happen automatically or after an interaction with the site).

For the best experience

Please view the game in fullscreen.
Or, in a tablet, add it to the home screen and launch as an “app”.


Any modern browser (ex. Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari). It can also be played in the latest version of Internet Explorer and Edge.
Even though it might work well on an older browser, we cannot guarantee it.

Internet connection

A fast connection provides the best experience.

To see the animations

You need at least a window with a minimum width of 600px and a minimum height of 580px.
Please note that this is not the same as device resolution due to pixel density.


Our website applies “responsive” design” principles, so the content that is displayed can vary according to the device or browser window size (and orientation). For example, in a tablet, please view it on landscape and full screen.



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