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SIU Academy Top 10 – December

January 14th 2022

Top 10 Content - December

1. Webcast

Prostate Unlimited 2021

Noor Ashani Md Yusoff (Malaysia), Jean de la Rosette (Turkey), Ka Lun Lo (Hong Kong), Teng Aik Ong (Malaysia), Ashok Agarwal (United States), Peter Ka-Fung Chiu (Hong Kong), Agostino Meneghini (Italy),  Dinesh Patel (Australia), Darren Poon (Hong Kong), Marniza Saad (Malaysia)

2. Abstract

Jackson Pratt Drain Creatinine Value Is a Predictive Marker for Assessment of Urethrovesical Anastomosis after Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

Kalpit Patel, Joshua Nething, Brittany Adamic, Kimberly Stakleff & Daniel Ricchiuti (United States)

3. Webcast

eGrand Rounds: BPH Treatment – December 14

Jean de la Rosette (Turkey), Gopal H. Badlani (United States), Naeem Bhojani (Canada), Karin Lehrich (Germany), Joerg Rassle (Germany)


4. Webcast

SYMP-22: Luncheon Symposium: Immunotherapy in MIUC: Current Practices and Future Perspectives

Peter Black (Canada), James Catto (United Kingdom), Syed Hussain (United Kingdom), Srikala Sridhar (Canada), J. Alfred (Fred) Witjes (The Netherlands)

5. Webcast

SYMP-21: Luncheon Symposium: Focal HIFU Therapy in Prostate Cancer: Practice Changes on the Horizon?

Franck Bladou (France), Pascal Rischmann (France), Rafael Sanchez-Salas (Canada), Martin Schostak (Germany)

6. Webcast

SYMP-23: Luncheon Symposium: What Makes a Penile Implant Patient Happy? Best Practices for Improving Patient and Partner Satisfaction after PPI in 2021

Sebastian Beley (France), Rafael Carrion (United States), David Ralph (United Kingdom), Koenraad van Renterghem (Belgium), Steven Wilson (United States)

7. Webcast

eGrand Rounds: Update in BPH Management - October 6th

Jean de la Rosette (Turkey), Marcel Fiedler (Germany), Stavros Gravas (Cyprus), Thomas Herrmann (Switzerland), Lukas Lusuardi (Austria), Agostino Meneghini (Italy)


8. Webcast

eGrand Rounds: Stone Management - August 17th

Jean de la Rosette (Turkey), Ben Chew (Canada), Jorge Gutierrez (United States), Anthony Ng (Hong Kong)

9. Webcast

Todo sobre la Incontinencia Urinaria - Sesion 2: Estudio y Diagnostico

Juan Carlos Castaño Botero (Colombia), Mauricio Plata (Colombia), Marcio Averbeck (Brasil), Jorge Moreno (México)

10. Webcast

eGrand Rounds: Controversies in Urinary Stone Management - September 1st

Jean de la Rosette (Turkey), Leye Ajayi (United Kingdom)Vincent de Coninck (Belgium)Thomas Herrmann (Switzerland), Cesare Scoffone (Italy), Thomas Tailly (Belgium)


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