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SIU Academy Top 10 - May

May 31st 2021

Top 10 Content - May

1. Abstract

Jackson Pratt Drain Creatinine Value Is a Predictive Marker for Assessment of Urethrovesical Anastomosis after Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

Kalpit Patel, Joshua Nething, Brittany Adamic, Kimberly Stakleff & Daniel Ricchiuti (United States)


2. Webcast

Five Practice-Changing Advances on the Horizon

Angela Smith (United States)



3. Webcast

eGrand Rounds: Innovations in Urologic Laparoscopy - May 5

Jean de la Rosette (Turkey), Alberto Breda (Spain), Pilar Laguna (Turkey), Richard Naspro (Italy), Miguel Ramirez-Backhaus (Spain), Domenico Veneziano (Italy)


4. Webcast

Evolving Therapies for NMIBC

Tilman Todenhöfer (Germany)



5. Webcast

SIU Innovators Panel: Making Sense of Urine Markers 

Sima Porten (United States), Renu Eapen (Australia), Carmen Mir (Spain), Jeremy Teoh (Hong Kong)



6. Webcast

Five Practice-Changing Advances on the Horizon

Neal Shore (United States)



7. Webcast

Five Practice-Changing Advances on the Horizon

E. Jason Abel (United States)



8. Webcast

Shifting Sands: Systemic Therapy for MIBC and Advanced UC in 2021

Tian Zhang (United States)



9. Webcast

Case-Based Panel: Multimodal Management of Localized RCC

Umberto Capitanio (Italy), Simon Tanguay (Canada), Maxine Tran (United Kingdom), Alessandro Volpe (Italy)



10. Webcast

Local Therapy of Metastatic Disease: When and Why?

Axel Bex (United Kingdom)






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