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Report from UAA-MUA Congress in Kuala Lumpur

September 1st 2019

Report from UAA-MUA Congress

Compiled by Dr Sanjay Kulkarni
With reports by Dr Rajeev Kumar and Dr. Christopher Evans



Report from Dr Rajeev Kumar

The 17th UAA Annual congress from 7th to 10th August at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia received over 1600 delegates from 48 countries. Since it became an annual event in 2015, the congress has grown in terms of its content, reach and collaborations with other urological associations. The meeting included a 2 day resident course in collaboration with the AUA and two young urologists sessions with the EAU. Beginning 2020, the SIU will also begin two collaborative sessions on semi-live surgeries and surgical complications during this meeting. Apart from issues that concern urologists around the world, the UAA congress focuses on issues of specific interest to Asian urologists, an area where the SIU with its global membership can contribute significantly.

The SIU was represented at booth 38 and met with members and colleagues to share news about SIU's upcoming activities, such as the SIU 2020 Meeting in Montreal (October 8-11, 2020) and the B2B Uro-oncology GU Cancer Triad Meeting taking place in Berlin, Germany this December 13-14.

Report from Dr Christopher Evans

Plenary session 3 at the SIU included numerous topics and state of the art lectures. Most notable, was the SIU lecture by Professor Sanjay Kulkarni of India. Dr. Kulkarni, a world renown reconstructive urologist traced the recent history of how innovation has driven surgical progress in reconstructive urology, particularly urethroplasty. The inventive abilities of leaders in this field was driven by the need to improve outcomes for patients with severe urethral injuries and diseases.

SIU Scientific Co-Chair Professor Christopher Evans discussed Genomics in Prostate Cancer. In particular, examples where genomics have better classified patients with castration-resistant prostate cancer with regard to biological behavior and survival.

Professor Derya Tilki from the Martini Klinik discussed the growing interest in local treatment for patients who have metastatic prostate cancer. At this point, the evidence is immature and clinical trials will need to demonstrate a benefit.

The UAA honorary lecture by Dr. Man Kay Li addressed health and diet and his personal life journey for health. Cycling is the mainstay of his conditioning.

Overall, the session was insightful and highly educational.

Congress Feature: State of the Art Lecture by Dr Laurence Klotz
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