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Go to uRCADE 2.0 this weekend to win!

November 3rd 2023

Test your knowledge in current and emerging therapies for bladder and kidney cancers, with uRCADE's I-O+ Challenger and RCC Quest and top the leaderboard to win free virtual registration to SIU's next congress in New Delhi.

The player who is in the number one spot on the leaderboard of either game as of midnight on Sunday, November 5 (ET) will win free virtual registration to SIU's 34th Congress. Challenge your colleagues and see who comes out ahead! You can play as many times as you want, so keep playing until you reach the top. 

Be sure to read the rules of competition here prior to playing.

Play now! 



The uRCADE is made possible by independent educational grants from SIU Corporate Sponsor Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC
The I-O+ Challenger is endorsed by World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition

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