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uRCADE 2.0 Winners from SIU 2023

October 16th 2023

SIU Is pleased to announce the uRCADE winners from the SIU 2023 Congress in Istanbul last week. Each day, the leaderboard champion from each of the RCC Quest and I-O+ Challenger games won free registration to our upcoming congress in Delhi, October 23—26, 2024. Congratulations to all the winners for their expert display of knowledge on current and emerging therapies in bladder and kidney cancers!

Be sure to follow us at @SIU_Urology on X (formerly Twitter) to be advised of upcoming contests and tournaments and any other updates regarding uRCADE games. For more information on uRCADE and to play:

The uRCADE is made possible by independent educational grants from SIU Corporate Sponsor Merck Sharp & Dohme LLC.

The I-O+ Challenger is endorsed by the World Bladder Cancer Patient Coalition.

uRCADE 2.0 Now Live: Play to Win! Upcoming Event: LUA23
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