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Report from l’Association Algerienne d'Urologie

December 18th 2019

Report from l’Association Algerienne d’Urologie) in Algiers, Algeria

Vincent De Coninck
AZ Klina, Belgium
Etienne Xavier Keller
University Hospital Zurich, Switzerland

In December of 2019, we had the great opportunity to represent the SIU (Societé Internationale d’Urologie) during the 15th annual meeting of the AAU (l’Association Algerienne d’Urologie) in Algiers, Algeria as part of a special SIU Bench-to-Bedside session on urinary lithiasis and kidney cancer, coordinated by SIU Past President, Dr Patrick Coloby and Prof. Mohamed Harouni.

The AAU annual congress was organized by Prof. Mohamed Harouni in the historical Hotel El Aurassi in Algiers from December 5 to 7. From the first day on, we were introduced to all Algerian board members in a pleasant and casual atmosphere. It was an ideal way to meet one another and to get introduced to reputed urologists from Maghreb countries. Further exploration and activities allowed us to learn the traditions and cultural history of Algeria.

The AAU annual meeting offered a comprehensive and well-organized scientific programme. We had the chance to give multiples lectures in the field of endourology on the topic of urolithiasis.

Particularly, congress participants learned how to manipulate a flexible ureteroscope, how to set a laser for stone treatment, how to obtain a safe ureteral access, how to catch a stone using different baskets, how to relocate a stone from a lower pole, and how to combine a laser and basket together. After great interaction and insightful Q&As from the audience, this two-hour session was completed by discussing metabolic evaluation of urolithiasis and how to deal with complex endourological cases.

We would like to thank the SIU and AAU for giving us the opportunity to take part in this great annual meeting of AAU. It was an unforgettable experience to join the congress and to experience the generous hospitality of the Algerians. We are convinced that the knowledge we have acquired and the friends we made will mark our future.




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