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SIU Academy Top 10 – February

March 7th 2022

Top 10 Content - February

1. Webcast

Challenges in Urolithiasis: Choosing the Best Intervention for Urinary Stones

Ranan Dasgupta (United Kingdom), Joyce Baard (The Netherlands), Teng Aik Ong (Malaysia), Hassan Razvi (Canada)

2. Abstract

Jackson Pratt Drain Creatinine Value Is a Predictive Marker for Assessment of Urethrovesical Anastomosis after Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Prostatectomy

Kalpit Patel, Joshua Nething, Brittany Adamic, Kimberly Stakleff & Daniel Ricchiuti (United States)

3. Webcast

eGrand Rounds: BPH Treatment – December 14

Jean de la Rosette (Turkey), Gopal H. Badlani (United States), Naeem Bhojani (Canada), Karin Lehrich (Germany), Joerg Rassle (Germany)

4. Abstract

Influence of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Accessibility to Surgical Care Among Bladder Cancer Patients

Ernest Ng'ang'a Kimani (Kenya)

5. Webcast

Introduction to Urodynamics

Giulia Lane (United States)

6. Webcast

SYMP-21: Luncheon Symposium: Focal HIFU Therapy in Prostate Cancer: Practice Changes on the Horizon?

Franck Bladou (France), Pascal Rischmann (France), Rafael Sanchez-Salas (Canada), Martin Schostak (Germany)

7. Webcast

How to Evaluate the Urological Literature Series - Module 7: Studies of Prognosis

Kourosh Afshar (Canada)


8. Webcast

eGrand Rounds: Innovations in Urologic Laparoscopy - May 5

Jean de la Rosette (Turkey), Alberto Breda (Spain), Pilar Laguna (Turkey), Richard Naspro (Italy), Miguel Ramirez-Backhaus (Spain), Domenico Veneziano (Italy)

9. Webcast

Prostate Unlimited 2021

Noor Ashani Md Yusoff (Malaysia), Jean de la Rosette (Turkey), Ka Lun Lo (Hong Kong), Teng Aik Ong (Malaysia), Ashok Agarwal (United States), Peter Ka-Fung Chiu (Hong Kong), Agostino Meneghini (Italy),  Dinesh Patel (Australia), Darren Poon (Hong Kong), Marniza Saad (Malaysia)

10. Webcast

IC-05: Instructional Course 05 - Metabolic Work Up and Medical Treatment of Stones

Noor Buchholz (United Arab Emirates), Ahmed R. El-Nahas (Egypt), Mohamed El-Shazly (Egypt)


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