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SIU-Chinese Urological Association Workshop

September 2nd 2019

Report from the CUA-SIU Training Workshop - August 7-10 - Shanghai, China

By: Makarand Khochikar

The fourth CUA-SIU Training Workshop took place this past August in Shanghai. The SIU team’s first stop was the training centre. The facility is a nice, modern building with a lot of glass, white and blue painted with a garden facing an artificial lake. The training centre is located in a business neighbourhood, outside the city centre. Shanghai is an impressive and bustling city: a mix of old and new with impressive skyscrapers protecting the city from the sun.

Olympus training centre included several presentations, mainly focusing on minimally invasive techniques indications and basic training. These presentations took place during the morning, with dry lab training scheduled in the afternoon.

The attendees comprised of approximately 50 young urologists and trainees from different provinces of China who were interested in endourology and minimally invasive urology. Workshop instructors included highly-qualified Chinese endourologists and uro-oncologists, as well as SIU faculty.

In the report below, you will find a brief snapshot of this action-packed event.

What a wonderful discussion we had in the first session of the joint meeting of Chinese Urological association and SIU held at Olympus training centre at Shanghai!

A case of sixty-year-old man with completely asymptomatic staghorn calculus in a solitary left kidney with normal renal function was presented by Prof Yonghan Peng. The patient had a 4cm hepatocellular carcinoma that was treated with chemoembolisation twice in the last two years and was told that he had life expectancy of more than two years. The debate was conservative treatment vs. surgical intervention. Prof Jean de la Rosette stressed the importance of detailed counselling and suggested that the patient have surgical intervention to avoid urosepsis and renal failure in future. Dr Makarand Khochikar hinted that a possibility of underlying squamous cell carcinoma should also be considered, given such a stone burden. The patient underwent left-sided PCNL through the upper calyceal puncture; however, the procedure was abandoned halfway through due to excessive bleeding. As bad luck would have it, the patient developed acute renal failure, left-sided gross pleural effusion, which was managed with left pleural drainage and supportive care. The disaster continued with the patient coming back with severe haematuria. The first emergency angiography did not show any bleed, while a second angiography showed bleeding from the accessory renal artery, which was embolised. The patient survived but has residual stones.

What next?  Re-do PCNL, staged RIRS, leave alone?? Fantastic thought-provoking discussion with Dr Makarand Khochikar, Prof Jean de la Rosette and Prof Pilar Laguna kept the audience mesmerised. Congratulations to the team of experts, including SIU faculty who came to Shanghai to conduct this training course and live operative surgery for oncology, BPH and stone disease. 

To paraphrase Albert Einstein, “You are always learning till death, the day you stop learning you are dead”

The organization of this event was impeccable, the presentations ran on time, and there was time allowed for a group picture and a Chinese-style lunch. Importantly, the training portion of the programme also went smoothly.

Held in conjunction with this training programme, the SIU eGrand Rounds took place on August 9 from Changhai Hospital in Shanghai and allowed urologist from around the world to join in (free of charge) and witness exciting and complete procedures in stone disease and bladder and kidney cancers via SIU’s eLearning platform, SIU Academy.

We would like to say a special thanks to Phoebe Xie, our guardian angel Dong, and Deny Sanchez.

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