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SIU Academy Top 10 - February2024

See the Top 10 content on SIU Academy for the month of February, 2024

March 6th 2024

Save the Date: the 6th B2B GU Cancers Triad Meeting October 25, 2024

Celebrating its 6th edition, the B2B Uro-Oncology: GU Cancers Triad meeting returns to the  44th  Annual Congress  in New Delhi, India, on Friday, October 25, 2024. Save the date for this for this Interactive and dynamic hybrid event showcasing the latest innovations in uro-oncology. 

February 19th 2024

New Content Available on SIU Academy

The SIU Office of Education and its subcommittees are pleased to present the educational web series: Residents’ Corner Back to Basics "Know Your Instruments".

February 8th 2024

SIU Needs Assessment Survey - Deadline March 1

🌐 Calling all urologists! Please take a few minutes to complete this short needs assessment survey & help us create a CME-accredited programme that will meet your learning needs! Access survey HERE

February 8th 2024

SIU Academy Top 10 - January 2024

See the Top 10 content on SIU Academy for the month of January, 2024

February 6th 2024

SIU 2023 B2B GU Cancers Triad Meeting Proceedings

You can now access the SIU 2023 B2B GU Cancers Triad proceedings, published as a supplement to the February issue of SIUJ. Review the latest updates on bladder, kidney and prostate cancers that were presented by expert faculty. Log in or create your SIUJ account to view the complete issue!

February 6th 2024

SIU 2024 Trainee Scholarship

The SIU 2024 Trainee Scholarship is an essential part of the SIU's mission. Learn more about this opportunity to join urologists from around the world at SIU 2024 New Delhi.

February 5th 2024

SIU Academy Top 10 - December 2023

See the Top 10 content on SIU Academy for the month of December, 2023

February 4th 2024

SIU Around the World - Lecture Announcement

Don't miss the educational SIU lecture Minimally Invasive Therapies for BPO: Need and Limitations presented by SIU General Secretary Prof Stavros Gravas SIU Lecture on Friday, February 2, at USICON 2024. 

February 1st 2024

SIU-PAUSA Scholarship

Early Career Urologists from Africa, the Société Internationale d’Urologie (SIU) and the Pan-African Urological Surgeons’ Association (PAUSA) announce an exciting new opportunity to enhance your skills in a non-African country.

January 26th 2024
SIU 2024 Early Registration NOW OPEN
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