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SIU 2022 B2B GU Cancers Triad Proceedings

You can now access the SIU 2022 B2B GU Cancers Triad proceedings, published as a supplement to the January issue of SIUJ. Review the latest updates on bladder, kidney and prostate cancers that were presented by expert faculty. Log in or create your SIUJ account to view the complete issue!

January 19th 2023

SIU Academy Top 10 - December 2022

See what content was most-watched on SIU Academy this past month!

January 11th 2023

SIU Welcomes its Board of Directors for 2022-2023

SIU is thrilled to welcome its incoming Board of Directors for 2022-2023. Thank you to all Board members who contribute so generously of their time and experience.

January 5th 2023

Read the SIUJ November issue and access the SIU 2022 Abstract Book

In this special edition of SIUJ, readers will enjoy the 2nd WUOF/SIU-ICUD on Kidney Cancer Chapter Summaries, as well as a related Clinical Picture and an engaging Urology Around the World article. Published as a supplement to this issue is the SIU 2022 Abstract Book, featuring submissions accepted for presentation during the 42nd Congress of the SIU in Montreal. 

December 5th 2022

Upcoming Event in Urology: Urology Chronicles

Save the date for the Urology Chronicles on December 19, featuring Dr. Vitor Cavadas.

Follow the link for more information:

December 2nd 2022

SIU 2021 Academy Award Winners

The votes are in! Congratulations to all authors and contributors of the 2021 SIU Academy Award-winning content!

November 30th 2022

SIU Academy Top 10 – October 2022

See what content was most-watched on SIU Academy this past month!

November 28th 2022

Upcoming Webinar: Prostate Unlimited

Register now! 

Join us live on SIU Academy Saturday, December 3, 1500 HKT - 1700 HKT (UTC+8) for this free webinar on the biggest issues in prostate health. 

November 27th 2022

New Global registry on BPH Treatments and Outcomes

The SIU Office of Research, uCARE is proud to announce an upcoming initiative, studying how symptomatic Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia is treated globally and capturing the regional differences in treatments and outcomes.

November 25th 2022

SIU Academy Top 10 – November 2022

See what content was most-watched on SIU Academy this past month!

November 16th 2022
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